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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun and Games Website

Both of my kids enjoy working on the computer.  When I find games that pique their interest and are educational all at the same time, I jump on it.  Today, thanks to Dianne Flynn Keith at www.Clickschooling.com, I found this great educational games website: schooltimegames.com.  The first game that I found and tried myself was "Pharoah's Tomb."  Now, I have to admit that I did not even make it through the first 3 rooms before I died (that was on the easy!).  Also, I am not really sure what educational advancement this game will lead to, but it was fun and would go great with a unit on Egypt!

The math section of the website has some great games, too.  There are many games to choose from like logic games, multiplication, a "tetris" style game, and others. The "Incredibots" game under the science section is a great thinking game to use with alesson on machines and how/why they work!  While I haven't explored the entire site yet, I have already found plenty of great games that we can use to incorporate into our curriculum.  Thanks Clickschooling!