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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Internet is fully restored!

After 3 weeks and 2 days, our internet is finally fully restored.  (The original lightening strike was on July 5th and they had another tower hit this past Sunday.) They came this morning and had to reset/adjust our box.   After the lightening strike, they replaced the box on the main tower.  Apparently the new box did not like having to go through the little bit of trees and shrubs that we had in our internet path (our internet is a wireless DSL that runs from tower to tower through a direct signal).  Jason sawed off a bunch of tree limbs (today), took out a cedar tree from across the road (this past week), and the internet guys built an extension arm for the radio transistor (today)!  Now, we are back in business.  Just in time for the school year to begin.

I was beginning to hit a desperation stage.  For the last 2 days, I actually broke down and starting using dial-up.  It was either dial-up or drive to town and go to the library.  When you live as far out of town as we do, you do not have many affordable options for internet.  We pay $29.95 per month for 1 megabyte per second download speed with unlimited access.  (We also had a $199 set up fee for the equipment and have used this service about 1 1/2 years.)  This speed allows us to download just about anything we need to fairly quickly. Our other options are/were $45-80 per month with monthly limits on usage and slower speeds.

Anyway, things are hopefully fully back to normal for a while.  Now begins the yearly school planning!