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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yeah! I finally have my computer back!

Yeah!  For the last 6 days, my laptop has been getting "cleaned." (I got my computer back on Monday.  I began this post then.) While I was able to use Jason's computer, it was nothing like having my own with my own settings, bookmarks, etc.  It is amazing how much life in general revolves around computers. Everytime I had a question about something or wanted to check on the weather, I would run to my computer (that wasn't there) to do quick look-up.  But, Best Buy Geek Squad now has my computer cleaned up and running smoother and faster!

I have just started working at our new Best Buy store that is grand opening this weekend in Stillwater. Jason has decided to go full-time as a handyman in this area.  He has been working at it for several weeks on just part-time basis, but we both decided it was time to go full-swing into self-employment.  So, I talked Jason into letting me take a job at Best Buy in order to supplement our income for the next few months until the business is built up.

I was also looking forward to getting outside of the house for a bit each week.  Little did I know what I was asking for!  For the last 2 weeks, we have been in training.  It has been intense.  I have put in about 40 hours a week which may not sound like much to some, but I haven't worked outside the home in 10 years!  (I have a much better appreciation for working mothers.)  I had a lot to do before I took another job, and now I have a job and all the rest.  However, I have 2 great kiddos that help tremendously around the house, and a husband who has really picked up my slack these last couple of weeks.  They have ALL been patient with my grumpiness,too!  I come home at night and am so numb that I just want to sit.  After a full night of sleep, I am still tired...ugh!  I have noticed in the last couple of days though that I am starting to get used to it and finding my self getting back to normal.  Next week, we will have more "realistic" schedules, and I will only be working 18 hours.

I do have to say that the employees at Best Buy are definitely trained in their departments.  While I still do not know everything, I can tell you the differences between various TV's, MP3's, LED's, LCD's, dSLR's, GPS's, and about a hundred other acronyms.  (Best Buy loves acronyms!) I will be working as the sales operator and will be taking phone calls and working in the customer service area.  Therefore, I have taken so many department tests these last 2 weeks that I brain is on overload.  I have to be certified in all the departments where sales take place and take the "beginning employment" tests for a grand total of 15 tests. Only 2 more tests to go!

The classes and their tests are all done on the computer through something called learning lounge.  It was fun the first night I had to bring my homework home.  I made a big deal of it with the kids and told them that they couldn't let me do anything until all my homework was done!  However, I haven't had to read and study for tests since....oh....1998!  Wow!  I felt like I was back in school with a deadline for having all my assignments completed.  (At least I am paid for this school!)  With that said, I am now an official certified Best Buy employee.  I have my "blue shirt." I am looking forward to our opening!

Well, this post has literally taken me 3 days to finish.  I hope to get back in the swing of things here at the house within the next week.  Summer school, laundry, house cleaning, etc.  We have actually only done our summer "fun school" one days in the last week.  Now that everyone is adjusting, things can become more normal (if we can remember what normal was)!