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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bathroom Complete!

For some time now, our bathroom has needed to have the wall repaired.  Our landlord had told us a while back what we just needed to give him a call, and he would come over and work with Jason to get it done.  We just never took the time to call.  With winter coming quickly, we knew that it was time.

With our house being older, there was a window in the tub area.  The house was built before there were showers.  However, the water from the shower was leaking around the window, running down in behind the wall, and washing it out.  The decision was made that the best situation was to completely remove the window and rebuild the wall.  Jason told the owner that he would do the job and just take the cost off the rent.

Here is the bathroom before the remodel.

Here you can see the corner where the wall
was washing through.

During the remodel:

When he tore into the wall, much of it was rotted.  He put in new studs and sheet rock, replaced the tub-around and ceiling trim work, and repainted the walls.
Pictures of completed remodel:
Notice the trim on the top left is not yet up.
It is now.
 I will mention that we purchased the Dutch Boy mildew resistant paint from Wal-Mart (I think it was $19). First off, I would not recommend that paint.  It was supposed to be a one coat paint.  However, it was very thin and required 2 coats and probably needs another coat in some areas.  Our walls were previously very light blue, and I was using the brilliant white (which by the way is really white - notice our white tub-around looks a little grey compared to it!).  The paint was so thin that it just did not cover it up.  If you do not want to have to paint multiple layers, buy the Valspar premium paint from Lowe's.  For $10 more, you have a much better paint that takes less time and is truly a one coat paint!