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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun Day!

These last couple of days have been really busy around the Holman House.  We try to set aside a day each year to just have fun and do some sort of fall activities. This year, October 1st marked the "beginning of fall" for our family.  Of course, I know that fall really began in September (still too hot for us then!), but we celebrated on the 1st.  The temperatures are really starting to cool off, especially in the evenings and are much more like fall/sweatshirt wearing weather.  

We started our fun activities by creating a splatter/finger painting poster for the kids bedrooms.  We recently began redecorating their bedroom, and I decided it would be fun to let them create their own art work for their room.
JJ painting his hand for the picture

JJ's artwork

Savannah's Hand Painting

Lot of fun making a mess

Savannah's Art Work

Next, we moved on to the popcorn ball making fun.
Stirring the popcorn ball syrup...great little cook and helper!

Followed by more painting!  I have an aloe vera plant that is busting out of its current planter.  They painted a couple of pots for me to split my plant and spread it around my kitchen.

We ended our day with a campfire and a night of tent camping.  I have to confess...I slept in the house.  I knew it would be too cold for me, and that seemed like a good excuse because I really don't like sleeping on the ground unless I have too!.  We are dropping into the upper 40's and low 50's at night, and that is just too cold for me!
Hamburgers and French Fries

JJ waiting for his special dinner
JJ's special dinner on the right
This is some of the fish that we caught in the pond on the land surround our house.  One of JJ's favorite foods is fish.  We went fishing and caught several.  He wanted to try to roast them at our campfire.  We put some butter, salt, and pepper on them and let them slow cook over the fire.  They were actually pretty good.  He really enjoyed having his own fish!

Savannah dipping out hot spiced apple cider

Lucy even got to enjoy her own special dinner


We really enjoyed our fall fun day!