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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Day # 42

Today was the 42nd day of our school year.  It was great!  That is about the only way to describe it.  The kids worked really hard and we were able to get all of our school work completed smoothly and completely!

We sort of made part of the day into a game.  I mentioned yesterday that my daughter really likes a challenge.  Well, I have to say that my son does as well (if not more)!  Yesterday, we had some left over dishes that I just did not have a chance to get washed.  I had helped Jason on a job yesterday afternoon.  I had migraine hit while we were gone so I was exhausted by the time we got home.  So, I just left the kitchen a mess and went to bed early (we were all in bed by 9pm.).  I knew that I had to get it all cleaned up today before I made lunch, so I went through the teaching part of our lesson and told JJ to try to see if he could get his page done before I had a sink of dishes washed.  His response was..."OooooKay!"  The only rule was that his work had to be neat, or he would have to erase it!

I am not sure if he has ever had his work done so quickly.  Savannah later got in on the fun and began racing us to see how much she could get done. I did a load of laundry, finished the dishes, and cleaned up the kitchen this morning...all between lessons.  I love when a day goes smooth!

Now...first know that for one thing I know the days have been easier now that I am finally getting caught up on sleep and have a lot less stress since stopping my extra job at Best Buy.  I guess at the time I really did not understand how much it took out of me.  Now that I am home more, I am enjoying cooking again, I am not having a day of "work-lag" following a long, late night at work, and I am getting things caught up around the house.  I am a much more pleasant person and can deal with situations much better when I have my sleep/rest!  It is nice to have energy and feel better again.

Secondly...we are in a great groove as far as schedule, curriculum, and having our new classroom.  I can't say enough about our convenient new classroom!  Well, that is it for day 42!

Home school Idea: If you are having a slow, boring school day, throw a little competition into the mix. For example, with math, let your child make up a math problem for you to do while he/she is doing their own.  Race them to see who finishes first (and correctly).  It is interesting to see what problems they can make up for you. Or, do as I did and challenge them to complete an assignment before you finish your household "assignment."