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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Great Home School Site - Spelling Bee

This is just the week for finding websites for me.  Maybe it is because we have our internet back up and going, and I can actually hunt for new ideas for our schooling.

Last night, I was browsing through various school sites looking for new ideas and ran across a new site for spelling.  It is an interactive spelling bee that has learning levels from grades 1 to 12, and you choose your level accordingly.  The site is www.learner.org (clicking on this link will take you directly to the interactive spelling be).  I actually had fun last night playing on it myself.  However, the upper levels of spelling get really difficult!

The site gives you a paragraph with words blanked out.  You can listen to the paragraph being read aloud and then click on the individual box to have the spelling word repeated.  You type the word in the box, and when you are finished with all the word blanks, you click done.  It immediately grades your performance and lets you know the ones you missed, the correct spelling (when you click on the missed word), and the definition of the word.  It is a great learning tool.  We will be using it for our spelling in our Fun Friday activities!