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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paint update!

Well, I have finished the living room and kitchen painting.  I do have to say...it was a lot of work.  The kitchen was time consuming because we had to have multiple layers of paint on the cabinets to cover the "country blue" that was previously there.  Here are some before and after pictures:
Table and entry way

Upper Cabinets
Corner Area

Wall after first layer of paint on the chair rail high blur
Lower kitchen cabinets after first layer of yellow
Finished lower cabinets
Here is the finished product:
We took off the upper cabinet doors that were useless space.  When the people put in the new ceiling, they put runners down the ceiling.  This, in effect, blocked the upper cabinets from being able to open.  We only had access to 2 of them and never used them because they were dark and dingy.  We decided to open them up and paint them.  Now they just store my big kitchen items.  We took out the mini-blinds, and now our back window opens up into an open cow pasture so the only thing that would see through that window from the outside was the cows!  I am currently looking for material that I like to be able to make a valance for the window and door.
The below pitcure shows the rolling cabinet (to the right of the stove) that Jason is in the process of finishing for me.  He is going to top it with counter top.  It is on wheels because there is actually a hidden cabinet that is in the corner, and it is the access to our bathroom pipes that is located on the other side of this wall.  I also painted my spice rack (originally dark wood in color) to match the cabinets.  

Everything else (base boards and walls) have been painted Shetland Grey.  It actually looks white unless you hold a bright white up to it then you can see the faintest hint of grey.

That about sums up the kitchen.  It is so much nicer than it was.  Before, it was very dark and depressing.  Now, we have our own bit of sunshine when we walk in the kitchen.  

Final cost for the kitchen was $7.48 on half price rack at Wal-mart and many hours of painting (3 coats in all).  We only had to purchase the white paint because we had the yellow left over from painting the kids doll house a couple of years ago.  

Later, I will show the finished product of the living room and hopefully the bedroom as well as talk about the importance and reasons for purchasing high quality paint.