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Monday, September 27, 2010

Divisibility Rules Chart

Savannah is deep in the heart of division, fractions, and factoring in school.  We have been reviewing the divisibility rules for numbers.  (FYI: Divisibility rules are the little "helper rules" that are used to figure out easy ways to know if numbers can be divided by another number.) I found a great mathematics divisibility tool/sheet on a website.  It has a list of all the diivisibility rules for the numbers up to 11.  The site is here: Divisibility rule site.

I took the sites information and made a compilation of the rules on a pdf to print out for Savannah's use. It's a nice sheet to have around when you are looking to factor a number or when you are just trying to find a common denominator between 2 fractions.   We taped the rules sheet right in front of her so that she always has it available.