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Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Deal...Great Fun!

The kids and I made our rounds this week to our favorite thrift stores.  While we did not find much, I did make one great purchase...tracing paper.  They had a table set out of items that people might purchase for back-to-school.  There were pads of artist tracing paper for $.50 each.  I thought it might be fun for the kids to try tracing. I realized that they did not have much experience in tracing because it is just not something that I ever thought to do with them.

After school today, I decided to let them have a go at it, and they loved it.  They got out old coloring books and traced pages of their favorite pictures.  I thought they would do maybe one and be ready to move on to something else but no!  They traced pictures all afternoon.  Here are some of the results:
Savannah's First Page
It is a copy of a "fuzzy marker poster."
Savannah's Second Page
JJ's First Page

JJ's Second Page
We used regular pencils to trace the original outlines and colored pencils to shade in the areas.

I know one activity that is found in many beginning handwriting books is having the kids "trace the path."  The object is to following the path and stay between the lines.  Even the beginning warm up pages in JJ's handwriting book this year had him tracing paths all over a page.  This helps teach the coordination kids need to learn to progress to better writing.  So, why not have them trace a picture!  Great activity for working with pencil control!