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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet JJ!

JJ is my wonderful 7 year old son.  JJ is just finishing up first grade.  We have about 4 more weeks, and we will complete the school year.  He is quite a boy, and he is ALL boy!

One of his favorite things right now is crawdad hunting.  We live about 5 miles out in the country in a little farm house, and we are surrounded by fenced-in pasture area.  Back behind our little barn is a small creek.  During the spring, there is an area of run off that stays about 1-2 feet deep.  It is a haven for the tadpoles, frogs, and crawdads.  Surrounded by weeds, blackberry bushes, and a small spindly tree, you find this crawdad and tadpole hole. 

Several times a day right now, you will find JJ out there scooping up water and looking for crawdads.  We even have a couple of “pet” crawdads that are living in a pan in the garage. 

He also loves to catch the frogs.  He is a great frog spotter.  He can see those beady eyes sticking up around the edge of the pond even when they are hidden in the weeds.  Yesterday, he caught a baby frog that was lurking on the edge of the pond.    It was only about 1 ¼ inches long and ½ an inch wide.   Of course, he does "catch-and-release" his finds (with the exception of our couple of crawdads living in the garage).

JJ and Daddy Crawdad Hunting-April 2010