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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just for fun! Blast from the Past...

This weekend the whole family went to garage sales around Stillwater. We had so much fun. At one of the sales, the lady said to fill up a box for $5. We began looking through the tables and tables of items that she had to offer and filled up a pretty nice box including an IPOD, kids books, craft items, bread tin, kitchen trinkets, a heavy duty roasting pan with lid, some tools, and the most fun of all....an early 90's laptop computer. It came with Windows 3.1 disks and Microsoft Works.

We took the "computer" home and turned it on. It powered up, but that was about it. The Windows was not loaded on the computer yet, and we just could not figure out how to get it going.  Today, I decided to get it back out and try again. I fiddled around until I was able to figure out how to use the DOS prompts. I was actually able to reload the Windows 3.1.  It took forever! The one program (Windows 3.1) consisted of 6 different 3.5 floppy disks. (note: I complain about some of the programs that I have to load on my computer taking 5 minutes). Let's just say, I waited a little longer than that.
I was able to get the computer fully loaded and give it a test run. Talk about blast from the past - "antique."  This is a complete non-color screen laptop computer that has what we would consider now...not even the basics. It only has 4 MB of memory, but it is upgradeable! (My laptop that I have now has 2 GB Memory and is considered outdated!)  It is supposedly internet capable with dail-up because it comes with an old Juno dail-up disk.  It did have Mine Sweeper and Solitaire though.

Although today's computers do so much  more, it was really fun to dive into this computer to figure out something "new."  Boy, computers have really come a long way!