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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet Savannah!

Savannah is my beautiful 9 year old daughter (soon to be 10).  She is getting ready to complete fourth grade.

She is my "right-hand" lady.  She is so very helpful to me.  She helps me cook, clean, teach her brother...She even likes to do mending.  When there is a hole in anything...she is right on top of sewing it up!

Savannah loves the outdoors and she loves her animals.  One of her favorite chores is taking care of her dog, Lucy, and her cats, Mittens and Twaila.  Each day she feeds and waters her animals and always takes time to give them a hug.  Her eyes truly light up when she is with her favorite pals.

Savannah has a little of her mother in her.  She likes to cook and create things.  She especially likes to cook her brother's favorite breakfast for him (fried balogna, eggs, and toast with jelly and butter). Recently, she decided to get a little creative and make him a Pacman breakfast.  The egg was Pacman, the balogna was a ghost, the extra balogna pieces were the pellets, and the jelly-butter toast pieces were the power pellets.  She was very proud of her special breakfast she created for her brother.  She really enjoys creating from her VERY active imagination!