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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grabbin' Great Deals

Yesterday was the Annual Glencoe, Oklahoma city-wide Garage Sales.  Glencoe is a small town located about 8 miles from our house.   Last year at this time, we had never been to Glencoe….until….the city-wide garage sales.  We drove around the small town last year and found several great garage sales, you know the kinds that have great cheap prices on things that you need. 

For example, we really needed a glass pitcher last year.  I had broken the one that we had…again…and we were in need of a tea pitcher.  We found one for 25¢ as well as several other good deals that weekend. 
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was washing dishes and broke the tea pitcher….again.  I cannot begin to count the number of glass pitchers I have gone through since our marriage.  While some people can keep their pitchers around for years, mine do good to last a year.

So, one of my main searches at the sales was for a glass pitcher.  At the second sale, there it was! A glass pitcher for 50¢!  Maybe this one will last?

We also found a nice aquarium with pump/filter, heater, light, rocks, and tank decoration included, and it all worked…for $3.00.  Now our crawdads and tadpoles have a new home. 

I bought a size 3 iron skillet for 50¢.  It is the perfect size for making an egg for a sandwich. 
A lovely straw hat, 15¢. A 25¢ Tupperware bowl.  A 25¢microwave bacon fryer.
JJ got a cool Star Trek glass for 25¢ and an unopened Star Wars Pez dispenser for 10¢.  Of course, the candy was gone before we got home!
Savannah found a perfect condition Mariposa Barbie and a Nori Mermadia Barbie for 25¢ each.  She also bought a Barbie car at Ruby’s Flea Market in Glencoe for $2.
We found some great deals on things we needed (as well as some that we didn’t), but most of all, we had a lot of fun.  Great deals are fun to find!